What is Google Play Store ?

For certain cellphone users, either people who, strangely enough, still use analog phones or those ones using an iPhone and MAC products, the Google Play Store comes across as a mysterious and rather unknown brand. Well, in short, Google Play Store is an app “store” where any user that holds an Android-working cellphone can get state-of-the-art software for their devices.

Nevertheless, the Google Play Store is so much more than a “store” of apps, but it is a super database with boundless access to innumerable kinds of applications for different uses.  The range of software to be accessed by the user is so vast: you can have access to music, e-books, movies and an assortment of different types of software, such as social media apps, weather-related apps, video games per se, and almost any kind of application you could ever imagine.

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Although a few of the applications in this store have to be paid for, there is a vast majority which is completely free. Exactly, you don´t have to pay a dime for most of the excellent software offered there which, contrary to the Apple (which has a fair amount of free apps but not as many as the Google Play Store) has become so much more popular, as the audience for Google Play Store is so much bigger, due to the use of the Android platform.

Besides Google Play Store displays an excellent app-review system, in which you can appreciate a very accurate description of every single app you are about to download to your phone. For example, you would usually find a number of screenshots with a short description each that exemplify many of the functionalities offered by the program.  Down below you will find a detailed description of the software. After that will find the score given to the app by the users who have already tried it, and if that is not enough you also get to see the amount of actual users who have at least downloaded the app once. Towards the end of the description page you will also find all the technical data regarding the app, such as it´s size in Megabytes, the last version available and the Android version required for it to work successfully on your phone.

In a nutshell, Google Play Store is, no doubt, one of the best (if not the best) site(S) where you can find excellent software for your portable device. One of the most attractive features it showcases is that, although a great amount of apps are for free, they do not have any of the common drawbacks we normally run into when we download free software, such as viruses or any kind of spy/malware that spy on our cellphone. Google Play Store can be considered an absolute plus for anybody in search of good quality software for their Android smartphone.

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  1. This article is spot on. The Google Play Store is one of the best sites to download great apps from!

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