The Top Google Play Store Hidden Gems

If you own a smartphone and use it to play games, get work done, connect with friends, or stay organized, odds are that you have Pokemon, Candy Crush, Gmail, or Facebook downloaded on your phone right now.

But with more than 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store, if you only download the most popular ones, you’re missing out.

Great games and other apps get overlooked all the time for many different reasons. Sometimes they are still new and just haven’t had the chance to be downloaded in large numbers yet. Other times, they come from a new or unknown developer, and app shoppers don’t get exposed to the app.

Finding Google Play Store Hidden Gems

Earlier this year, Google made a move that has helped to bring some Google Play Store hidden gems to the surface.

Google updated how the Play Store chooses which apps to promote. Rather than listing apps based on the number of downloads they’ve had, Google now also considers an app’s ratings and how often those who downloaded the app returned to it.

There are thousands of Google Play Store hidden gems in every app category just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re ready to break out of your app-rut and find a new favorite game, a better way to stay organized, or an app to simplify your day, keep reading to find your next download!


If you travel by air often, or even if you just enjoy searching for good deals for your next vacation, this app is for you.

Hopper is an app that allows you to search for flights. But rather than the app requiring you to randomly search dates, Hopper tells you when is the best time to fly between your chosen locations.

The app may recommend that you wait to book to get a better price or tell you to book right away to avoid missing out on a good deal.

This Google Play Store hidden gems’ best feature is the real-time customer support that you can get if you run into problems.


This new app was actually created by Google, to work with Google Photos.

It’s still new and relatively unheard of, landing it a spot on this list of Google Play Store hidden gems.

Just as the name suggests, PhotoScan allows you to scan your printed photos by taking a picture right on your phone.

A step-by-step capture flow helps eliminate glare on your photos, while the auto crop function scales your pictures down to match the edges of the original photo.

Once you’ve made your “scans,” you can back up your photos in the free Google Photo app.


Some apps perform so many functions, you find yourself opening them a dozen times a day.

But other apps, like Tab, perform fill a very specific need in users’ lives.

For Tab, that function is bill splitting. If you find yourself dining out with friends or getting drinks with coworkers often, this app is for you.

Simply open the app and take a picture of your bill. Then, click on the items that you plan to pay for, and the app will let you know how much you owe.


While cloud storage systems are a great way to back up files and access them across multiple devices, if you have a lot of files on your cloud, things can get confusing.

If you use more than one cloud storage system, it can get even harder to keep track of everything.

That’s where Unclouded comes in. This Google Play Store hidden gem is special in that it is an app that helps you organize other apps.

The Unclouded app allows you to manage all of your cloud storage applications. You can view how much space you’re using on each system, and even search for individual files.

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and BOX are all supported by Unclouded. With the free version of Unclouded, users can manage two of these storage applications. Paid versions allow more accounts to be managed under one Unclouded account.


If you share Wi-fi with roommates, are constantly giving out your Wi-fi password, or think that someone is siphoning off of your internet, this Google Play Store hidden gem is for you.

Fing allows you to see what devices are using a Wi-Fi source.

The app is also handy for checking to see who is using the most bandwidth so that you can track down signal-hoggers.


Lyft, Uber, and other ride-sharing services have changed the way the world catches a ride.

But if you always use the same service, you may be missing out on the money that you could save by shopping around.

With Zailoo, you can instantly compare rates across all ride-sharing services that are available in your area. When you find the rate you want, all you have to do is click, and Zailoo will redirect you to the right app to let you book your ride.


This Google Play Store hidden app fills a need that you probably never even realized that you had.

When you’re in a movie theater and find yourself in need of a restroom break, you can use RunPee to find out the best time to leave the show. That way you won’t miss any big plot jumps, and end up confused for the rest of the film, effectively wasting your ticket.

Bluelight Filter

If you use your phone to play games, read, or scroll through social media as you lay in bed at night, this app is for you.

Bluelight Filter is a Google Play Store hidden gem that helps you reduce eye strain and other negative effects of staring at your phone screen.

The app filters out some harmful blue light from your phone screen. The app lets you control how much light it filters and what time of day it does so so that you can adjust it to meet your needs.

To make sure that you always have access to these Google Play Store hidden gems and more, it’s important to make sure that you keep your Play Store updated properly.

With so many applications available, it’d be impossible to try them all. But with this list, you’ll be well on your way to branching out and finding awesome apps to help simplify your life and keep you entertained!