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BQ is a popular electronics company headquartered in Spain that manufactures 3D printers, electronic readers and smartphones for the international market. BQ has some revolutionary and innovative new technology, which is the reason behind the huge success of the super smartphone Aquaris series like the Aquaris M5.5, Aquaris E4.5, Aquaris E5, Aquaris X5 and Aquaris E6. Many of BQ’s smartphones are powered by Android Lollipop, while others are breaking ground with the new Linux-based Ubuntu OS smartphones. Android-based BQ phones will, of course, have the Google Play Store as their official app store. Ubuntu has its own new app store, but Google Play devotees are not completely without recourse.


Play Store for BQ Aquaris Android

The newest BQ Aquaris smartphones break all the rules you thought you knew about smartphones. If your eyes are tired from watching videos on a bad screen, the Aquaris E6 is the best solution that will give you a unique experience watching your favorite movies from the Play Store and videos in high definition, all thanks to the 6 inch screen with a resolution of 1080*1920 full HD and 178° viewing angle so you will not have to adjust your mobile position to have better visibility.

For gamers, gaming on the BQ Aquaris E6 will be unforgettable experience with smooth performance, no lags or interruptions so you can play all your favorite games from the Google Play Store. Even the heaviest gaming apps will seem light as a feather thanks to the MediaTek True8Core processor, one of the strongest processors today. And with an internal 16 GB memory, there’s practically no limit to the number of apps you can download to this phone from the Play Store. Don’t forget to download Instagram so you can share the awesome shots you take with the 13 megapixel dual flash camera and the 5 megapixel selfie cam.

Some users of the BQ Aquaris 4 had problems accessing the Google Play Store. This problem can be fixed by doing a full factory reset on your device (make sure you back everything up first!)

Play Store for BQ Aquaris Ubuntu

Another new innovation that differs from other smartphones on the market is the new Ubuntu smartphone platform, which will keep all you Linux geeks happy. Some programmers loyal to Google Play Store have made Ubuntu-friendly versions of some Google Play apps, including Google Play Books and Google Play Music. As of this moment, no one has published an Ubuntu port for the Google Play Store as a whole. It’s not out of the question, though, since both Android and Ubuntu are Linux-based applications.

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