Play Store Download for Windows

Play Store, short for Google Play Store, is where Android users go to find the best applications, most addictive games and the latest in entertainment content all in one place.

The Play Store is an app that allows Android users to browse through apps, games and entertainment by category, see what’s trending, browse lists of the best free apps and games, easily search for a particular app or game, and download them to their devices with just the touch of a button.

Play Store is linked to your Google account, so you can sync your apps across multiple devices. The interface is clean and intuitive and the content is practically infinite. So far, there have been more than 60 billion downloads of apps and games from the Play Store.

Install Play Store on Windows PC

Google Play Store is a system application on Android devices, and isn’t compatible with other platforms (which should have their own program similar to Play Store, like the Apple App Store, BlackBerry World, etc.).

However, if you have a PC with Windows a Mac, there is a way to get around this limitation and download Play Store onto your desktop or laptop computer at home or at work.

The file for the Play Store is an APK file, which means it can only be opened, read and executed by the Android OS. So in order to download Play Store for Windows or Mac, we will need to make your computer act like it has the Android OS to be able to use the file.

This may sound complicated, but there are programs available called “Android emulators” that make this astonishingly simple.

There are many different Android emulator programs available, but in my opinion the best one is an application called Blue Stacks.

This is a really sophisticated emulator which allows you to download, install and run any Android application, even very graphics-intensive games.

It’s backed by such companies as Intel and Samsung, as well as 90 million users to date.

Regarding Play Store in particular, Blue Stacks offers you some options: you can use Blue Stacks to search the same content libraries that Play Store uses and install apps directly to your Windows or Mac computer through Blue Stacks.

Or you can run the actual Google Play Store application in the program and use Play Store to download apps and games to your PC or Mac.

Download Blue Stacks for Windows

Downloading Blue Stacks onto your PC is very simple. You can securely install the program from their official website,

Just make sure that your PC meets the necessary requirements; all versions of Windows need to have at least 9GB of disk space and 2GB of RAM, and have fully updated drivers for the graphics card.

Windows Vista needs Service Pack 2 or higher installed, and Windows XP needs Service Pack 3 or higher as well as Windows Installer 4.5.

Once you’re sure your PC is properly equipped, you just need to click the “download” button on the Blue Stacks website, and follow any prompts that Windows gives you to install the program.

As soon as Blue Stacks is fully installed and set up, your computer will be able to download and run any Android app on your Windows computer, with all the benefits of a larger screen and better sound.

Using Play Store on Windows

As we mentioned earlier, you have some options as to how you can use Play Store in Blue Stacks.

The simplest way is to just use the Blue Stacks program to search for whatever game or application you want, and install it to your PC using Blue Stacks.

However, some people will prefer to install their applications directly from Google through the Play Store, which is potentially more secure and not much more complicated.

To access the Play Store in Blue Stacks, click on the “All Apps” button, which will take you to a window displaying all the Android apps that you have installed in Blue Stacks.

One of these apps will be a web browser; click on the browser’s icon to open an internet window inside the Blue Stacks program. Then, simply enter in the website for Google Play Store into the address bar,

Now you should be seeing the Play Store just as you would see it on an Android smartphone or tablet.

It looks similar to what you would see if you accessed the same website using your normal internet browser without Blue Stacks, but now the website believes you are accessing it from an Android powered device.

This means that all of the applications that would have shown up as “not compatible with your device” on your Windows PC will now be compatible.

You can download them to your computer where they will be saved in Blue Stacks, and you can open them there any time you want to use them.

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