Play Store download for Asus

Asus is a very well-known brand headquartered in Taiwan which specializes in the field of computer hardware electronics. Since its founding in 1989, it has become the fifth largest PC brand worldwide with a great reputation for making laptop and desktop computers. Asus has also added some powerful and innovative smartphones and tablets to their list of products. These include the ZenFone series smartphones, and luxury tablets like FonePad, Vivo Tab, Memo Tab and Asus Transformer Pad. All Asus smartphones run with latest upgrade of Android Lollipop OS, which means they are primed and ready to go when the new Google Play Store update comes out with the shared family library feature, gifting options and NFC credit card technology.


Google Play Store for Asus ZenFone series

The Asus ZenFone 6 is the latest in the ZenFone series and is a truly marvelous smartphone. Its 6 inch screen with 720*1280 px resolution will allow you to enjoy watching the full HD movies you’ve rented or downloaded from the Play Store, plus all the best YouTube videos. You’ll never be afraid of scratching the screen because it is made of incredibly resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, so you can see what your friends are up to on your favorite social media apps like Facebook and chatting on WhatsApp without constantly worrying if you’re going to scratch your screen. You can load your Asus phone up with as many apps from the Play Store as it will hold, since it is nearly impossible to crash thanks to its powerful Intel Atom dual-core processor. You’ll especially want to download the best games from the Play Store, since the awesome graphics processor on the Asus ZenFone offers really a immersive gaming experience.

Google Play Store for Asus tablets

Another brilliant product from Asus is the Asus Transformer Pad, a 10.1 inch tablet with quad-core processor for smooth performance and ease of use. All the games you downloaded from the Play Store will look even better on the tablet’s bigger screen. Or, for the business professional, with this tablet you will not need to carry any heavy equipment like your laptop to manage your work plans, as long as you’ve got the right apps like Outlook, document editing apps and sharing apps, which can all be found in the Google Play Store.

Download Play Store for Asus devices

Since your Asus is Android-powered, it should come with Google Play Store. If you need to reinstall it for some reason though, all you have to do is use your device to go online and tap the “download” link below to download the latest Play Store APK file. In just a minute or two, you’ll have the most up to date version of Play Store running on your Asus and can download movies, games and apps so you can get the most out of your device.

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