Play Store 6.3.13 APK Download

March has been a busy month for the developers at Google, if the massive amount of Play Store updates they have been churning out is any indication. The latest version of Google Play Store to roll out is Play Store 6.3.13, and you can get your Android 4.0+ device up to speed by downloading the APK file below this article. Otherwise, you might be waiting for a while before your device/region comes up in the automatic update queue.

Considering how fundamental the Google Play Store is for any Android user, as the official app portal/store for Android devices, this is one update you definitely don’t want to skip. Updating ensures you get the best experience when browsing and searching for apps, downloading and installing them, and managing other Google Play content like music, movies and books.

Changes in Play Store 6.3.13 APK

To be perfectly honest, the new Play Store 6.3.13 APK update isn’t particularly glamorous. This is one of those updates that is important for security and performance reasons, but doesn’t come with any visible changes or new bells and whistles. However, we highly recommend downloading this and every updated Play Store APK file as soon as you can, because every new version that comes out has improvements that make the app run more smoothly and faster, and these little incremental changes make a big difference over time.

Long story short, don’t be lazy with your device (it’s basically an appendage, so take care of it) and keep your Google system apps up to date by downloading the free Play Store 6.3.13 APK file below. The APK files size is just under 15 MB and compatible with all Android devices running version 4.0 or higher (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Recently in Google Play updates

The most recent major change that Google Play Store experienced happened about a month ago and involves a smarter system for app recommendations in the Play Store. The new option, when enabled, would allow Google to search your Gmail inbox for travel itineraries (airline reservations, train tickets, etc.) and Play Store would then recommend apps for you based on that information. I haven’t had the opportunity to put this feature to use yet, but I imagine its recommendations will include apps related to dining and hospitality, travel companies’ apps, translation and language learning. Some people find this feature a bit invasive (which is no problem, since it is easily disabled), but I personally think it’s very useful.

What we’re looking forward to in the Play Store

We mentioned several months ago that rumors of Google adding a Family Library/Sharing feature to the Play Store were all but confirmed, and in the last few updates you can even see pieces of (as of yet non-functional) code that is being written for this new feature. So it’s safe to say that Google is making progress towards Play Store Family Sharing, although nobody knows when it will go live.

The other neat feature that you can find breadcrumbs for in the code is Gifting, which is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to buy something in the Play Store and send it as a gift to a friend. Obviously this could be used to gift paid apps or paid songs, movies, books, etc. in Google Play Entertainment, but we wonder if this will also extend to in-app purchases. Only time will tell.

The best way to stay on top of all the latest features and happenings in the Google Play Store is to stay updated regularly. Today’s as good a day as any, and you can download the latest version of Play Store 6.3.13 APK file right here.

Download here the new apk

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