Google Play Store 6.1.12

Saying that Google Play Store is a vital application on your Android device is an understatement. There’s no better place for Android users to find the best applications, games and other entertainment content like movies, TV shows and ebooks. The latest update to Google Play Store was just released, and we’re now at version 6.1.12. If you have Play Store … Read more

Play Store for Sharp

Sharp is a very well-known Japanese electronics company that markets very useful products all over the world, starting with domestic electronics and more recently with smartphones. Sharp is actually the most popular smartphone brand in Japan, and it has entered the mobile market with such marvelous smartphones as the Sharp Galapagos, Sharp AquosXx, and Sharp Aquos Crystal, all of which … Read more

Play Store Download for Philips

Philips is a very popular Dutch technology brand that has made countless innovative since it was founded in 1891. Phillips has many lines of various electronics, including healthcare and personal care devices, TVs and many other home electronics. Recently, Philips has turned to the smartphone market with tantalizing offerings like the XENIM series, including the Philips XENIUM I928, XENIUM V526, … Read more

Play Store for Nokia

Nokia is a very famous telecommunication brand and was at one point the number one mobile phone company in the world. Nokia was founded 150 years ago in Finland and has been serving the worldwide market ever since with some amazing cell phones and smartphones. Nokia’s first smartphones ran on Symbian OS, and they later merged with Microsoft and reentered … Read more

Play Store Download for NEC

The Nippon Electric Company, better known as “NEC”, is a Japanese telecommunications company and one of the oldest technology providers in the world, providing us with innovative telecommunications equipment since 1898! In 2014, the company was named NEC CASIO, and the company has two lines of Android-powered smartphones: the NEC line, which includes the NEC TERRAIN and NEC 909e, and … Read more

Play Store Download for Motorola

Motorola is a very well-known worldwide telecommunications company based in the USA, which is now manufacturing several fantastic smartphones and tablets that adapt to every need. If you are lost in the sea of smartphone brands to choose from, Motorola is your lifesaver. Some of the best devices to come out of Motorola lately are the Moto G, Nexus 6, … Read more

Play Store Download for LG

LG is a South Korean company that is well known worldwide for manufacturing electronics like mobile phones, smart TVs, and even kitchen appliances. LG has become particularly famous for its smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, keeping you connected wherever you are, not matter what time it is. As a matter of fact, LG is now the third largest mobile phone … Read more

Play Store Download for Lenovo

Lenovo is a leading Chinese company dedicated to making high quality personal computers, tablets, smartphones and other smart devices. Although Lenovo became the world’s largest PC vendor last year, it has been making some fantastic Android-powered smartphones since 2008. In fact, in that short time, Lenovo has transformed into the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the entire world. Smartphones like … Read more

Play Store Download for HTC

HTC is a Taiwanese tech company with a global reach, making smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, and PDAs. There wide variety of high quality mobile devices has made them one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and tablets in the world. Some series of HTC PDA devices and smartphones are Windows OS devices, while others are Android-based, including the extremely popular … Read more

Play Store Download for Dell

Dell is a very famous American computer and software brand that has been making high quality desktop and laptop computers for the worldwide market for many years. Recently, Dell has entered the tablets market with some very innovative and powerful tablets that you won’t find with any other brand. Dell offers many choices that adapt to each customer’s needs; for … Read more