The Top Google Play Store Hidden Gems

If you own a smartphone and use it to play games, get work done, connect with friends, or stay organized, odds are that you have Pokemon, Candy Crush, Gmail, or Facebook downloaded on your phone right now. But with more than 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store, if you only download the most popular ones, you’re missing … Read more

What You Need to Know About Google Play Store for February 2017

google play store hidden gems

In this age of digital migration, our phones have become our greatest companions. We just happen to do almost everything on our phones, from listening to music and playing mobile games to watching movies and streaming latest TV shows while traveling. The Google Play Store is your one stop shop for downloading apps and streaming these titles. And now it’s making … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Need to Download Google Play Music

google play music

Let me guess. You’ve been using YouTube to stream your music. That’s ok. I understand. It’s all on there. All the stuff you can’t find on Spotify. That quirky dance number from your favorite 80’s movie. That Weird Al Song you forgot the name of (but could recite half the lyrics to by heart). What if I told you that … Read more

Google Play Newsstand: All Your Favorite Magazines and News in One App

We all love staying updated with the latest news and happenings from all corners of the world. Google Play Newsstand lets you discover all the latest news, gossip, and magazines in virtually every field from sports to entertainment straight from your Android phone or tablet. Get the all the breaking news and articles supplemented by high-quality videos and audios. This … Read more

How To Access The Google Play Store Secret Beta Program

We are all familiar with the Play Store. It has a simple to use interface that is easy to learn. As familiar as you may be with it, you may be surprised at some of the hidden features you can get with a Play Store download. One of our favorite features is their beta programs. Download Playstore Apps in Beta … Read more

Google Play Store 6.5.08.D-all Updated

As the official app marketplace for Android devices, Google Play Store is no doubt one of the most important applications you have. Not only can you download millions of apps from the Play Store, you can also find music, movies, TV shows and even e-books and e-magazines. Google Play is also the app that keeps all the other apps and … Read more

Google Play Download

Google Play is the foundation, the rock on which Android devices are built. Yes, it’s totally possible to have a functioning Android smartphone or tablet without Google Play, but you’d really be missing out. Aside from Google Play Store being a mecca of apps, games, music, movies, ebooks and more, Google Play Services is also the man behind the curtain … Read more

How to Uninstall Play Store

Google Play Store is the Android Mecca of apps, games and entertainment content, and as long as your Android phone or tablet is an official one, with the official Google certificate, it should have come with Play Store pre-installed as a “System App”. Now, Play Store is a great app, giving you access to millions of useful and fun applications, … Read more

Play Store Download for Android

If you are the proud new owner of an Android smartphone or tablet, you are probably excited to dig into the Google Play Store and explore the seemingly infinite number of applications, games, books, music, movies, magazines that can be found there. Understandably so: the Play Store is chock full of useful applications, tools, games and content that make life … Read more