New Play Store 6.3.16 APK Download Available Now

The happiest place on earth for Android users, the Google Play Store, is freshly updated and better than ever. Your go-to app for downloading other apps, games, music, movies and more now has an improved user experience and better performance when you update your device with the latest version. Play Store 6.3.16 is here and you can download the APK to your device using the link at the bottom of the page. This update is compatible with all Android devices running 4.0 and up and has a file size of14.7 MB.

Changes to Play Store 6.3.16 APK

As far as visible changes go, this particular Google Play update is a minor one; what’s important with the Play Store 6.3.16 update is what you don’t see. Lots of Android users have been complaining about performance issues with the last few versions of 6.3 that came out (apps not downloading, Play Store freezing and crashing, Play Store causing other apps to crash, etc.). Some people were able to fix the problem with by resetting the app’s data, but others had no such luck.

The Google Play Store 6.3.16 APK is the solution to those problems. It doesn’t look like much has changed, but this update contains some bug fixes you don’t want to be without (especially if you were having issues with previous versions). Combine that with overall improvements to app reliability and performance, and you’ve got a better, faster, stronger version of Play Store just waiting to be downloaded.

Other news regarding Play Store 6.3.16

Another reason you’ll want to do this manual update ASAP is oftentimes, these minor updates have a sort of foundation that required for when the next major update is released. And after a little sleuthing through this APK file’s code, it looks like the next major overall could be right around the corner.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of easy payments for NFC-enabled credit cards, the new Family Sharing library feature, and the option to gift Play Store content to your friends, for quite a while now. Every time a new version is released, we comb through the code looking for clues about these upcoming features.

The code in Play Store v. 6.3.16 reveals some very interesting developments. We can see definite signs of both Family Sharing and Gifting, the mechanisms for NFC-enabled cards and more. According to the folks at Neurogadget, this version of Play Store can actually be cracked to gain early access to these features using the apps “Lucky Patcher” and “Xposed Installer”. This has not been tested by us, but they claim this will patch the APK file and give you access to what amounts to “the next big thing” in the world of Google Play.

Besides Family Sharing, Gifting, and credit cards, this crack allegedly includes: a new user interface, the ability to copy app descriptions and change logs from the Play Store, support for Google LVL protected apps, offline verification, a new refund button, and changes that maybe you don’t want to see just yet (can’t download paid apps for free anymore, disabled self updates, billing/license verification via proxy no longer works).

Download Play Store 6.3.16 APK file

Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk of trying to crack this update, but if we assume that more or less all of the functional code for those highly anticipated features is already worked in, then it stands to reason that Google will be unveiling them in a major update in the very near future.

If you need a reason to download this otherwise ho-hum update, then this should be it: Play Store 6.3.16 is most likely going to be a prerequisite for whatever comes next, and it looks like that could include the exciting features we’ve all been waiting for.

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