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So we have previously talked about the recognized Google Play Store, where we can download an endless amount of apps (a lot of them for free) for Smartphones working on Android. Among the software mentioned, there books, movies, music, video games, widgets and then any kind of app you can imagine.

Most cases, every time you buy a new Smartphone, this one will come equipped with an app that will give you instant access to the Google Play Store without even having to go to your browser and type in the corresponding URL. This app we are going to talk about today is called APK and it will give you instant access to the Google Play Store on your phone.

There are, in fact, some cases in which some phones do not have this app by default. So today we are going to provide you with the necessary tools so that you can also install the APK on your phone. You will not have to worry about installing any hazardous software on your device, as this is the official app for Google Play Store. Among some of its features, it will update itself automatically, so you will not have to deal with it ever again after installing it.

For the ones who would also like to experience the pleasure of downloading great software from the Google Play Store, but not from their Smartphones, the APK is also available for Tablets and PCs. This means you can have the experience of tinkering with this awesome app on almost any other platform. The only thing you have to do is clic on the links below and then install the app. It´s as easy as it gets!

Download Google Play Store Latest Version 6.0.0

Clic here to download APK

Version: 6.0.0

File size: 15.15 MB

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