Google Play Store 6.2.10.A-all

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, you might find this new feature in the latest version of Google Play Store interesting. After updating to Play Store 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673 APK, you’ll have a new option that lets the Play Store make smart app recommendations for you based on itineraries you have in your Gmail inbox.

For example, if you booked a flight online and had this option turned on in Google Play, you might receive recommendations in the Play Store for an app belonging to the airline you are flying or apps that could be useful in the region to which you are traveling. Maybe you would even get recommendations for language learning apps if your itinerary included a foreign country.

Using Gmail recommendations in Play Store 6.2.10

After your device has updated to the latest version of Play Store (version 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673), either automatically or by using the APK download link at the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to find this option in your Play Store settings. You can easily toggle it on or off whenever you want, and if you feel like having the Play Store read your Gmail is an invasion of privacy, you can keep it turned off, of course. But frankly, this seems like a smarter way to recommend new apps, being that it’s based on something that might actually be useful, rather than just what your friends like.

Other changes in Google Play Store 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673 APK

Even if you choose not to use Gmail app recommendations, you’ll still benefit from updating your Android with the new Play Store 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673 APK file, since it includes fixes for some annoying bugs that users had reported, plus performance improvements that make the Play Store respond faster and run more smoothly in general. It’s worth downloading the new APK for that reason alone.

News on Google’s Family Library feature

If you do a teardown of the actual code in the new Google Play Store APK file, you can find some interesting breadcrumbs indicating that Google developers are hard at work building the highly anticipated Play Store Family Library feature. Nothing is active or even official yet, of course, but code is already written for notifications that a family member has shared something with you, as well as a toggle option on a Family Library screen. So it’s still in the works, but that’s just more incentive to check back here regularly and keep your Android up to date with the Play Store.

Download Google Play Store 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673 APK

If you don’t want to wait for your device’s turn in the auto-update line, you can download the latest version of Google Play Store 6.2.10.A-all [0] 2590673 APK for free using the download link below. Before installing, just make sure you change your Android’s security settings slightly by checking off the box under “Unknown sources”. Other than that, all you have to do is tap the link, wait, and open the file. Your device will walk you through the rest!

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