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As most people are probably aware, Samsung gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Ace, etc. run on Android operating system and therefore usually come with certain standard Google applications preinstalled. These might include Google search, Gmail, Hangouts, and Play Store. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes you buy a Samsung smartphone or tablet and find that it doesn’t have the apps you expected.


Play Store is an app you definitely want to have on your Samsung Android device. The amount of applications, games, movies, music, and other entertainment content available in Google Play Store is mind boggling. Basically, without having Play Store on your Samsung, you severely limit the capabilities of your device because you won’t have access to these applications. At the very least, you’ll have to go searching online for each individual application’s file online, and it will take a lot longer to download things this way. Plus, you don’t get to take advantage of the nice Play Store interface, browsing apps by category, searching for similar apps, etc.

Why didn’t my Samsung device come with Play Store?

There are a few reasons why this might have happened. The first is that if you rooted the device, you would lose the Google official certificate and wouldn’t have Play Store installed anymore (but don’t worry, this doesn’t happen by accident, you would know if you did this). Another reason could be that if you bought your Samsung second hand, the seller could have rooted the device before sending it to you. The third, most likely scenario, is that you purchased your Samsung at a deep discount from China. These cheap Samsung phones and tablets are usually clone devices, not official products, so they don’t have the Google certificate either. Since it’s the Google certificate that makes the Google apps, like Play Store, come preinstalled on your Samsung, a rooted or clone device won’t automatically come with Play Store.

How can I get the Play Store download on my Samsung?

The good news is, this is an easy problem to fix, and we’ll be done before you know it. After you finish, you’ll have the Play Store app on your Samsung device and it will function exactly as if it had come with your device automatically.

First, we’re going to use the internet browser on your Samsung to find the Android file for Play Store, which is “Play Store APK”. Simply tap the download link, and the Play Store APK file will begin downloading to your device.

While we’re waiting for the download to finish, there is a very important step we must do for this Play Store download to work. The default setting of Android devices is to only allow application downloads from Google Play Store, but obviously we’re not getting our Play Store from the Play Store. So we need to adjust your Samsung’s security settings by going to Settings > Security, and select “unknown sources”.

By now your Play Store APK download has probably finished; go to your notifications bar and tap the “download complete” notification to open the file. Once the file is open, it will take you through a few steps to install Play Store to your Samsung device, and ask for your Google account information to use in the Play Store.

And that’s all there is to it. Now you have easy access to all of the apps, games, music and more available in the Google Play Store, and you can really take full advantage of the speed and power of your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

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