How To Access The Google Play Store Secret Beta Program

We are all familiar with the Play Store. It has a simple to use interface that is easy to learn. As familiar as you may be with it, you may be surprised at some of the hidden features you can get with a Play Store download. One of our favorite features is their beta programs.

Download Playstore Apps in Beta

The Play Store has a beta section that will allow you to be the first to test out new features and popular apps. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or anything else, you can be the first to try out the new features out before they are released in a main update.

The purpose of beta features is to allow developers to test out new tweaks and features in their apps with small communities before they release them to everyone. It will give you a chance to try the latest features and the developers a chance to fix any bugs before it is released to the public in a downward Playstore update.

Where to Find Them

In order to download Playstore beta apps and features, you will have to know where to look. They will not be listed anywhere in the download Playstore sections. Instead, you will have to seek out beta programs and opt into them on your own. Below, we will give you an example of how you can download Playstore beta apps for your device.

First, join the developer’s community. In many cases, the developer will have a Google+ or Google group set up. They are more commonly found among developers that create several apps, or developers that have an app with tens of thousands of Play Store downloads. They are more difficult to find when you download Play Store apps that are less popular. If you cannot find the community, you can email the developers to ask if one exists or inquire about a beta version of their app directly.

Opting In

When you find the community, they will often have a beta program that you can opt into. When you download Play Store beta apps, it will be treated as a separate app from the original. In order to experience the beta features, you will have to open your newly downloaded app. The features will not be available in the normal version of the app.

Once you complete the Play Store download and install the beta Play Store download app, you can begin using it. Some developers will have information about the newly added features for you. We recommend that you take a look at that before you start to play around with it on your own.

Helping Developers

Beta versions of an app help developers troubleshoot their new features and determine whether or not they are worthy of implementing them into their main app that will appear on the Play Store download section. Beta programs are always free. The developer is counting on your time using the new features to help them prepare it for a public release.

If the new beta download Play Store feature works and it gets good feedback from the community, the Play Store download developer will then prepare it to be released as an update.