5 Tips From Google On How To Build A Successful App

Simply sign in to Google Playstore and you’ll realize that there are thousands of apps in there. Some of them are probably raking hundreds or even millions of dollars of revenue. You’re probably thinking of building your own app and maybe have ‘a piece of the pie’. Well, if you are looking for tips, then you can always rely on Google to give you some useful pointers.

  • Develop From The Ground Up


The Gen Z’s and Millennials have a mindset of mobile-first. This means that they usually grab a mobile device and sign in to Google playstore before starting to plan anything. As a developer, don’t try to work backwards. You should start developing your app for mobile devices first, and proceed from there. The traditional way of doing things is trying to build an app for PC or Mac, and then move to the mobile platform. This is becoming obsolete very fast and it’s best that you adopt the new way of doing things.


  • Target Gobal, Start Local


Most apps have a worldwide target and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you should be targeting a global audience. After all, you want millions of people to sign in to Play store and download your app. However, going global from the get-go is not advisable as your app needs to have early adopters. For many new app developers, having a worldwide marketing budget is the stuff of what dreams are made of. To have a better chance, start local. Build relationships with your targeted audience and recommend your app. Also, being “local” does not necessarily mean geographically. This may mean hanging out in online forums or social media groups and grow from there.


  • Harness New Technology


If you want more people to sign in to play store and download your app, then it can greatly help if you have something technologically new. Depending on your app, you could take advantage of virtual reality which is becoming very popular lately. Or, you might want to look into machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Incorporating cutting edge technology can greatly help in boosting the “buzz” for your app.


  • Avoid Frictions


While the goal for most developers is to make money, you have to keep in mind that this is a big friction if your goal is to accumulate new users. Your best bet is to avoid any sign-ins and payments from the start. Then once you have gathered a good number of users, then you can start introducing monetization. However, do it slowly or you’ll scare your users away.


  • Keep an Eye on Ratings


Reviews and ratings are critical to the success of an app. According to Google, a big percentage of users check the reviews first before downloading. Hence, you should always keep an eye for your app’s reviews and ratings. If someone leaves a bad comment or feedback, be sure to reply to the user as soon as possible. Even if you don’t agree with them, you should always reply to let the users know that you are an active developer.