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Google Play Store, or Play Store for short, is the app that people with Android tablets and smartphones use to download games, applications and other types of entertainment. The Play Store is a really remarkable place because of the incredible amount of content you can find there, including millions of applications and games, many of which are totally free. Except in a few weird circumstances, all Android devices should come with Google Play Store installed as a system app, so that it doesn’t have to be downloaded by the user. Unfortunately for users of non-Android devices (iPhones, BlackBerry, etc.), downloading the Play Store app is not an option for you. If, however, you are one of the aforementioned owners of an Android device that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have Play Store installed on it, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll explain some possible reasons why your Android didn’t come with Play Store, show you how to download the Play Store app for free, and give a basic tutorial on how to download apps inside the Google Play Store.

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Why You Don’t Already Have Play Store

The most common explanation for a new Android device not having Play Store is that it was a cheap clone device bought from China, and not a product officially licensed by Google. In the case of a used or secondhand Android device, the culprit is usually the previous owner, who most likely rooted the device before they sold it to you. In both of these scenarios, the Android doesn’t have the Google certificate that it needs in order to have the Google system apps, like Play Store, installed. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that will work on both clone devices and rooted devices.

Download the Play Store App

To download the Play Store app onto your Android for free, you will first need to use the internet browser on your device to search for the “Play Store APK”; this is the program file that your Android will use to install Play Store. Find a safe website and click the link to download the file. While it is downloading, change your security settings by doing the following: Settings > General > Security > Unknown sources. Check the box next to “Unknown sources”, and wait for the Play Store APK to finish downloading. This step is very important; if you don’t check off the “Unknown sources” box, your Android device won’t let you install the Play Store file that you are downloading. When you receive the “Download Complete” notification, tap on it to open the file and install the program. The installation may require that you follow a few simple on-screen instructions, or it may begin automatically. You will know that the Play Store installation was successful when it asks you to enter your Google account information. Since Play Store is a Google app, it will use your Google account to manage your applications, data and saved payment information. Your Google Play Store account will be the same as your Gmail address and password. If you don’t have a Gmail address, select “create new account” to set one up and continue onto the Play Store. The last optional step is saving payment information with Google to securely make purchases in the Play Store. This payment information will be used in case you ever want to download an app or game that isn’t free, if you want to buy something in a game with real money, or if you want to download a movie or television show that isn’t free. You can skip this step if you don’t want to save any payment information.

Download Apps in the Play Store

Once you are in the Play Store, you will see that the interface is very intuitive. You can browse through applications if you don’t have anything specific in mind, or search for something specific. For example, let’s say you want to add some free games to your Android phone but aren’t sure which ones. You can open the Games section and select Top Games to see what the most popular free games are, or select Top New Games or Trending to see the latest additions to the game section. If you see one you like, tap on it to go to its page, and tap Install. If you have a specific application that you know you want to download, use the search bar at the top of the Play Store home page to search for it by name. You will receive a list of search results where you can select the app that you were looking for. From its page, you can download the app to your device with just one tap using the Install button. Any applications that are not free to download will have their prices clearly marked.

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