How to Uninstall Play Store

Google Play Store is the Android Mecca of apps, games and entertainment content, and as long as your Android phone or tablet is an official one, with the official Google certificate, it should have come with Play Store pre-installed as a “System App”. Now, Play Store is a great app, giving you access to millions of useful and fun applications, as well as music, movies, books etc. But, like all programs, it can be temperamental and sometimes the only way to fix its problem is to uninstall it. It’s generally not recommended to uninstall system apps like Google Play Store, but if it is absolutely necessary, it can be done. Here, we’ll take you step by step through three different processes to try to solve your Play Store problem. The first procedure is for people who can’t or don’t want to root their Android devices, the second guide is for people who can root their device, and the third is for people whose device is already rooted.

Hide/Disable Play Store without Rooting

You can occasionally solve whatever problems Google Play Store is giving you by hiding and disabling the app on the Android system. Warning: Disabling system apps may cause other apps to malfunction and it will erase any data you have saved in that app. However, disabling is generally seen as safer than rooting, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some phones, like Samsung Galaxy phones, have a “hide apps” option that will hide them from the app list, although they are still running in the background. If you want to hide Play Store and your device has this option, go to your App Drawer, tap on “Options” and select “Hide Applications”. Then select the apps you want to hide, Google Play Store in this case, and tap “Done”. Now Play Store is hidden, but it is still running so it needs to be disabled.

To disable Play Store, go to your “Settings” and select “Apps” and swipe to see “All”. Scroll down until you find Google Play Store, tap “Force Stop”, and then tap “Disable”. Now, Play Store is no longer running on your Android device.

Root Your Device to Uninstall Play Store

“Rooting” is the word used to describe the process of breaking into restricted areas of your Android device so that you can change and customize things you normally wouldn’t be able to do. It’s usually only done by experienced programmers or very experienced Android users. Warning: Rooting your device will usually void your warranty and can make your device stop working entirely. But it is the only way to truly uninstall system applications like Play Store.

If you’re going to root your Android device, the first step is to back up everything on your phone. Back up the entire thing, every single thing; if not, things you have in your phone could be irretrievably lost.

After, and only after you have backed up everything in your phone, can you start the rooting process to uninstall Play Store. This can be very device specific, so try looking for a guide specific for your device and carrier; the following guide is general and might not work for all Android devices.

Go into your “Settings”, and under “Security”, select “Unknown sources”. This will allow us to install the program we need to root the device. One program that can be used is “towel root”. On your device’s web browser, search for “towel root” and download the APK file, then select the “download complete” notification to open and install the file. Open towel root and tap “make it rain”. Then, go to the Google Play Store and install the free version of “super su”, and then open it. Click “Continue” and then “Normal”, then when it asks about KNOX click “OK”.

After Rooting Your Device

Now your device is rooted and you will need to find a Root File Manager app to uninstall Google Play Store. There are plenty available online; just install one, use it to find the program for Play Store on your device, and then uninstall it.

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  1. my google play store can’t open, it always asking to write the redeem code. but I don’t have that code.
    what is the solution? can I open google play store without redeem code?

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